Deejaysystem Audio Mk-II

Deejaysystem Audio Mk-II 1.9.1

Reliable player and mixer for MP3

Deejaysystem Audio Mk-II is the perfect companion for the amateur or professional DJ. View full description


  • Easy to use
  • Support for many sound cards
  • BPM counter


  • No documentation


Deejaysystem Audio Mk-II is the perfect companion for the amateur or professional DJ.

Whether you like creating your own audio mixes at home or perform professional live sessions at a club, Deejaysystem Audio Mk-II can help you in many ways.

The program features a double-deck interface with support for two audio sources and customizable playlists.

Deejaysystem Audio Mk-II works with many different sound cards and provides full control over each song in your mixes.

You've got tools to set speed and pitch, a BPM counter and also very precise playback controls to apply seamless fading effects.

The interface in Deejaysystem Audio Mk-II is a bit simple compared to other mixing tools we've tried, but it's very easy to use. Still, it would be nice to have some sort of documentation to guide the user through the first steps with the program.

Deejaysystem Audio Mk-II is a virtual DJ tool that helps you create audio mixes, both for personal use at home or professional performances.


  • Optimized application's startup.
  • Jog-wheel controls now accept the Invert Axis option.
  • Several internal fixes and adjustments.

Deejaysystem™ is a series of digital audio and video mixer applications designed to cover the needs of professional discjockeys/videojockeys during live or automated mixing sessions.

Deejaysystem™ players are a plain, precise and reliable emulation of real DJ-CD/DVD players, but also including mixing capabilities and many handly features.

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Deejaysystem Audio Mk-II


Deejaysystem Audio Mk-II 1.9.1